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StelsCSV - fast Text JDBC / CSV JDBC driver  v.5.1

StelsCSV is a JDBC driver that allows to perform SQL queries and other JDBC operations on text files (CSV, DSV, tab-separated, fixed-length, etc). Using this driver, you can easily create a fast database consisting of plain text files. Also, the

Caigen CSV JDBC Driver  v.4.2.203

Caigen CSV JDBC Driver was designed to enable users to perform SQL operations on raw data, flat text , TSV files, CSV files, PSV files, fixed-length, and variable-length binary files. It supports data mining on memory database, compressed databas

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver  v.3.0.1301.101

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0.1301.101 is known as an advanced and convenient tool that offers a Type 4 JDBC driver that provides database connectivity through the standard JDBC application program interfaces (APIs) available in Java Platform,

CsvJdbc - CSV file JDBC driver  v.1.0

A read-only JDBC driver for Java that uses Comma Separated Value (CSV) files as database tables. Ideal for writing data import programs and conversion

Flea Jdbc Tool  v.2006.06.06

A Fast, Lightweight, Efficient, Application (FLEA) providing a GUI front-end for any JDBC database. It's main purpose it to provide developers quick ways to interact with

JDBC for Postgresql  v.10

This is a project for developing a JDBC driver for

JDBC Resource Monitoring Toolkit  v.1.0.3

Allows JDBC resources to be monitored. You can see when java.sql objects are being opened and closed and can see the line of code where a resource that is still open was originally

JDBC Tools  v.1.1.1

JDBC Tools is a proxy driver framework for monitoring Java database access. It has pre-built JDBC logger and SQL query planning modules, but can be extended through a simple API to perform other monitoring

Jdbc-bench  v.1.0

Open-source Java utility to generate your own standard set of benchmarks profiling database/JDBC-driver

JdbcProxy - To trace and stub JDBC calls  v.1.1

JdbcProxy is a JDBC 2.0 driver that can help debug or test applications. The driver can wrap another JDBC driver to debug the JDBC calls done by the application. The driver can also emulate another JDBC driver to test the application without a

WS-JDBC  v.1.0

WS-JDBC is a client/server JDBC Driver, where the server part is implemented as Web services. This means the custom client JDBC Driver can call the service remotely, from anywhere on the

JDBWC - Type 3 Java JDBC driver  v.

JDBWC is a Java JDBC Driver with its own server written-in-PHP. Suited to Java applications that require JDBC access across wide area networks like the internet but do not wish to expose the remote database-server through the remote hosts ...

Modular JDBC SQL Engine (ModSQL)  v.0.40

The goal of this project is to develop a modular SQL engine (JDBC driver) that can be grafted onto any raw database (such as a large flat ASCII file) through a database module API. Writing database drivers is much easier that writing a whole RDBMS.

Free JDBC-ODBC Bridge  v.1.0

FreeJOB is a free, open-source alternative to Sun's JDBC-ODBC Bridge. FreeJOB allows Java applications to query and access databases via the native Windows ODBC API.

Record-Based Flat File JDBC Driver  v.1.0

RBFF is a JDBC driver for being able to easily view and execute simple select SQL queries against a record-based flat file (such as EDI files, or other proprietary legacy files)

Remote JDBC driver  v.1.0

This drive is there to take care to the changes to the JDBC drive versions. What ever driver Version we change on the server is use by every client.

JDBC Release Manager  v.1.0

A tool to manage the migration of JDBC compliant databases from Development to Testing and from Testing to production.

Jdbc view  v.1.0

A database query engine in Java, using JDBC and Swing. Works with MySql and SQL server, with an abstraction layer for adding other databases.

Xml jdbc driver on HTTP  v.1.0

JDBC is a driver JDBC on XML, it is possible, through the use of a specific syntax SQL with XPATH, to query a source XML on HTTP.

JTDS - SQL Server and Sybase JDBC driver  v.1.0

Open source JDBC 3.0 type 4 driver for Microsoft SQL Server (6.5 up to 2012) and Sybase ASE. jTDS is a complete implementation of the JDBC 3.0 spec and the fastest JDBC driver for MS SQL Server. For more information see

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